Public law

We specialize in advice and litigation in all areas of public law. Also, we have considerable experience in handling complaints before public appeals and complaints boards.

Assistance in this type of case, requires an understanding of the legal framework under which the public authorities act, both as regulatory bodies, contracting parties and as parties to a dispute. We focus on using our experience with this, to provide operational and targeted advice.

Our experience includes both general public law topics, and more specialized areas. We have ongoing cases concerning, for example;

  • Liability of public authorities
  • Expropriation
  • Planning, construction and neighbouring rights
  • Administrative law issues concerning, among other things, access to documents, consultation of parties, rules on complaints, etc.
  • Environmental and energy law
  • General housing legislation
  • Municipal law
  • Intermunicipal reimbursement
  • Personal data (GDPR)
  • Social law
  • Health law
  • EU and human rights issues