We conduct proceedings at all court levels, including the Supreme Court. We are primarily involved in cases of contract law, tort and insurance law, and areas relating to corporate & commercial and commercial real estate, for which we provide advice.

We swiftly assess the potential of a case and devise an efficient strategy in terms of the case’s representation, witness statements, other evidence (including expert evidence), procedural exchange and trial. We consider the value and importance of the case and the alternatives to litigation, including settlement options and mediation. The aim is to secure fast and efficient case handling.

We maintain an ongoing focus on whether the prerequisites for a case have altered, whether the possibilities for out-of-court settlement should be investigated, and whether further parties should be brought into a case.

Litigation is not necessarily always the best option for dispute resolution, but our knowledge of how to win a court case provides a solid foundation for achieving a good outcome, whether through settlement or the courts.